Paint Shop Pro 5 Tutorials
Created with PSP5 Basic Tutorial

Seamless Backgrounds
Beveled Buttons
Lefthand Buttons
Transparent Spacer
Transparent Backgrounds
BladePro PreSets
Text effects
Navigational Bar

PSP 5 Tutorials


I have decided to create this site and dedicate it to nothing but tutorials on the use of PaintShopPro 5. I will try and use only those filters that are available to all. At some point you will find that I use either Eye Candy or BladePro.
If you are having any problems please send me an E-Mail, or if there is something you would like to see.

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HotDogPro 5

Seamless Backgrounds | Beveled Buttons | Lefthand Borders | Top Borders | Transparent Spacer | Transparent Backbrounds | BladePro PreSets | Mouse Over Buttons